Ahr Cycle Track

Hereunder an example of a 5-days trip:

1st day: From Remagen to Ahrweiler
Distance: approx. 17 kms, altitude: 54 height metres upwards, 5 height metres downwards

Starting point of the cycle track is the Barbarossa town Sinzig. From there you cycle to Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. The spring town is not only known world-wide for its mineral wells and their healing power but also for the historic part of the town Ahrweiler with its nice and well-preserved frame houses in the inner city. Here is the gate to Germany’s most distinguished red wine paradise.

2nd day: From Ahrweiler to Ahrbrück
Distance: approx. 20 kms, altitude: 107 height metres upwards, 23 height metres downwards

From Ahrweiler you get to the wine villages Walporzheim, Mariental, Dernau, Rech, Mayschoss and Altenahr. It is always worthwile to stop somewhere on this way in one of the small seasonal wine taverns or restaurants for a wine tasting and snack or meal before you walk on to Ahrbrück.

3rd day: From Ahrbrück to Schuld
Distance: approx. 10 kms, 102 height metres upwards, 41 height metres downwards
Soon the Ahr flows through a large wide meadow valley where you find peace and quietness. Sometimes the track passes along an old railway trail until it disappears for a short while in a pituresque rock opening before appearing again in a loop in the village of Schuld in the Eifel.

4th day: From Schuld to Ahrdorf
Distance: approx.20 kms, 99 height metres upwards, 20 height metres downwards
You will see a diversified scenery: meadows alternate with forests, even walking trails lead to deep valleys. On this way you will pass small villages like Fuchshofen or Müsch which invite you for having a short break there. Unfortunately the cycle trail between Schuld and Fuchshofen is still under construction, so that you will have to use the main road for a few kilometres.

5th day: The Ahr Spring: From Ahrdorf to Blankenheim
Distance: approx. 10 kms, 140 height kilometres upwards

From Ahrdorf the newly constructed cycle track leads to Blakenheim where you will find the spring of the Ahr and where this lovely trip ends.


The Ahr cycle track leads along the Ahr and a beautiful low mountain range scenery – from its mouth in Remagen up to its spring in Blankenheim in the Eifel, it reaches a length of 90 kms. A historical trip across through a countryside characterized by the Romans and later by the  noblemen of the Middle Age.