Red Wine Trail

Come to the red wine trail and watch the vintner picking the grapes. Should you
want some information about vines, wine or wine-growing have a conversation
to the people working in the vineyards. Here on the red wine trail in the Ahr valley all this is possible and you are very welcome!

Wonderful excusions through the vineyards of this red wine paradise offer fantastic views down the hills into a wonderful landscape of the Ahr valley. Here you are in Germany’s most famous red wine growing area. This pitturesque hiking trail leads from Altenahr to Bad Bodendorf through the red wine paradise on a length of 35.000 metres connnecting the small wine villages along the romantic river bed of the Ahr.

The red wine trail was opened in 1972. Should you like to have a glass of wine or other refreshment or meal, you will find a descent from the trail above every wine village. Here you can relax in lovely wine restaurants or taverns. Or go and taste the wine directly in the wine cooperatives.


Stages and Distances on the Red Wine Trail:

Altenahr Mayschoß 4 kms
Mayschoß Rech 3 kms
Rech Dernau 4 kms
Dernau Marienthal 4 kms
Marienthal Walporzheim 3,1 kms
Walporzheim Ahrweiler 3,4 kms
Ahrweiler Bad Neuenahr 6,7 kms
Bad Neuenahr Heppingen 2,3 kms
Heppingen Heimersheim 1,1 kms
Heimersheim Lohrsdorf 1,4 kms
Lohrsdorf Bad Bodendorf 2 kms

Here is an example for a 3 days hiking tour

1st day: From Altenahr to Dernau
Distance: approx. 11 kms – direct way
You will pass along the wine villages Altenahr, Mayschoss, Rech and Dernau.
You can enjoy impressive lookouts or a glass of wine in one of the lovely wine taverns. Arrived in Dernau and still full of energy? Make a trip up to Krausberg, the hill in this village from which you have a wonderful panoramic view over the scenery.

2nd day: From Dernau to Ahrweiler
Distance: approx. 10.5 kms
The 2nd tour leads you through the vineyards sites of the villages of Mariental, Walporzheim and Ahrweiler. In Marienthal it is worth to visit the old monastery ruin, in Ahrweiler you should stroll through the historic centre of the old town. You can also take part in a guided sightseeing-tour. In the evenings we recommend a wine tasting with dinner in one of the cosy wine restaurants.

3rd day: From Ahrweiler to Bad Bodendorf
Distance: approx. 13,5 kms
You walk through the vineyards of Ahrweiler to Heppingen where you find the spring of the famous mineral water Apollinaris. Then you walk on to Heimersheim. On the last part of the red wine trail the vineyards decrease and the valley is larger. Finally you come to the end of the trail in Bad Bodendorf.