Experience exciting hours in the Ahr valley!

Whenever you come to the Ahr, there will always be an occasion to celebrate.

From the beginning until the end of the year, many events and festivities invite you to stay and enjoy a glass of red wine.

So for example the gala reception “Gourmet and Wine” offers a good start into the year. This event takes place in the hall of the Spa Hotel of Bad Neuenahr. Every year top-level vintners and top-level gastronomes present excellent wines and food in a unique ambiance. This gala reception is the prelude event followed by 20 further events during the course of the year.

In May you will be able to experience another highlight: the Ahrweiler Wine Market taking place on Whitsunday. There the Ahr Wine Queen is crowned after having answered severyl questions of an expert wine jury. She must have a lot of charme and also good knowledges about wine and the region. Further wine festivals follow in August in Heimersheim (another part of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler). Here you will have the possibility to enjoy your glass of wine in a medieval atmosphere with jugglers and jesters. Walporzeim, also belonging to the town of Bad Neuenahr welcomes you with its rural flair during its wine-festival in the end of August. Further events are in Ahrweiler, Bachem, Dernau, Rech, Altenahr and Mayschoss, villages in the near of Bad Neuenahr-Ahweiler of parts of the town.

You will also find very individual festivities in the single estate or held by the wine cooperative, so e.g. the festival “Jazz and Wine” or so-called “theme-wine-tastings”. You can also just enjoy your glass of wine in one of the numerous small wine pubs and restaurants. Some alternative wine event are the “SCHLAHRvino” and “Rock and Wine Festival”, where  young vintners present their estates and the new wine-culture.

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