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Everthing has got its own story and so does „Gourmet and Wine“. Before this gala event has came into life, being now the start for the gourmet series in the beginning of each year, there have always been arranged sumptuos festivals on top level by chefs and vinters of the Ahr valley. Once they were the irresistible “insider tip”.

Approx. 20 years ago, an excellent chef and an excellent vintner came together, by name: Hans Stefan Steinheuer and Werner Näkel. They arranged a festivitiy being a symbiosis of especially gifted cookery and brilliant wine alchemy. It was an event for conoisseurs estimating and enjoying excellent food and first-class wines. Hans Steinheuer’s restaurant  “Zur alten Post” in Heppingen had been closed for 3 days then. Also in the wine-cellar of the wine-growing-estate Meyer-Näkel in Dernau many guests were excellently feasted. A live band was responsible for the musical flair and Werner Näkel for the finest wines. On those days many guests flocked to the Ahr valley and the result of this event was inexhaustible.

“The guests of this gala were enthusiastic about it and so it has been the predecessor of the actual event “Gourmet and Wine”, tells us Hans Stefan Steinheuer.

But before “Gourment and Wine” came into life there had been several meetings of top-level cooks and vintners of the Ahr region. During all those years  “the cream of the crop” united for this gala event, i.e. Hans Stefan Steinheuter. Jean-Marie Dumaine, Werner Näkel, Jeans Stodden, Hans-Joachim Brogsitter, Thomas Nelles and Ludwig Kreuzberg, in order to list us some of them.

They union of chefs and vintners along the Ahr created created those new “gourmet events” within a short time and so  the Ahr valley soon became really popular.

Since the first event “Gourmet and Wine” 14 have passed by. The festivity is adored by its guests and has become a real “must” in the date book of young and older connoisseurs from near and far. The essence of that is a friendly relationship of chiefs and vintners.


  • Speisenauswahl
  • Kurhaussaal Gala
  • Florale Dekoration


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